Tiles are perfectly suited to lounge areas, walkways and entrances for the same reasons
as kitchens.



Entrances are prime areas to tile. Constant traffic, dirty boots, wet feet, and heavy objects dropped over the threshold all contribute to the need for super-tough flooring in the external doorways of your home. Tiles fit the bill perfectly.


Laundries and toilets often see the worst of our mess, and for good reason – they are utility spaces after all. Tiles in these areas look great and are practical, clean solutions. For a warmer floor underfoot, talk to Unic Tiling about underfloor heating.


Tiles are a great alternative to concrete or hardwood floors in lounge areas. The durability of a tiled floor is outstanding, and can accent your rugs and floor coverings in a way that wood or concrete never can. With a carefully matched choice of exterior tiles, your lounge can flow seamlessly out to your patio or path. Underfloor heating is a viable option for lounge areas. Traditionally, tiles can be noisy underfoot, especially when used in upstairs rooms. Flooring sound-proofing reduces the click of heels immensely. Talk to Unic Tiling today about options for tiling your lounge area.

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